Three steps to effectively sell across cultures

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Guest blog by Kyle Hegarty, Author of  The Accidental Business Nomad: A Survival Guide for Working Across a Shrinking Planet The most common mistake sales people make when selling into different parts of the world is that they sell the way they are used to in their home country. A company out of India who […]


Don’t Wait For a Pandemic To Innovate

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This is not possible. That is not possible. The kind of thinking which stops companies/humans from innovating. This pandemic is reminding us an important lesson. What’s that? “Be open to impossible. Everything is possible” Let me share an example. I was working in IT outsourcing industry before. Many prospects I met had huge challenges in […]


Trusting a job hopper

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A lot of candidates posts on social media about interviewers being cruel. Candidates complain about interviewers becoming cruel by asking a lot of questions about why candidates changed jobs frequently in the past years. They are not trusting the candidate. The candidate thinks that the interviewer shouldn’t ask too much questions and focus on candidate’s […]