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13 Differences: Average Company vs Great Company

Average Company Versus Great Company

AC– Average Company , GC -Great Company

1. AC: Display company culture & values on website

GC: Live by their values in daily actions & decisions

2. AC: No clear strategy for consistent growth

GC: Has a clear strategy which differentiates the business and generates cash. The whole company is organized to execute the strategy with focus and discipline.

3. AC: Employees get fired for “Failing” at the job

GC: Employees feel “Safe To Fail” at the job

4. AC: Actions deviate consistently from what is communicated to employees

GC: Do what they communicate to employees

5. AC: C-level executives are busy fixing day to day problems

GC: C-level team prioritize strategic thinking and work on growing the business

6. AC: See customer feedback as customer’s problem or label as a complaining customer

GC: Take customer feedback as inputs for improvement and finding new opportunities

7. AC: Struggle often with revenue generation and delighting customers

GC: Meet/exceed revenue targets and delight customers at the same time

8. AC: Blame market conditions for low performance

GC: Take responsibility and find unnoticed opportunities even in worst market conditions

9. AC: Sales is price-driven

GC: Sales is value-driven

10. AC: Find some excuses for not achieving their goals and set the next new goals

GC: Brutally honest in evaluating the reasons for not achieving their goals and fixing the root cause

11. AC: Founder/CEO is not a great learner

GC: Founder/CEO is a voracious learner and encourages the whole company to learn continuously

12. AC: Start searching for talent only when there is an open position

GC: Build & engage great talent pipeline for hiring right people

13. AC: Do “Feel Good Hiring”

GC: Do ”Facts Based Hiring”

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