The mission of the Scaleup Strategist website is to help CEOs/Founders of businesses that passed the startup phase. These businesses are called scaleups or high-growth firms. Scaleup Strategist website helps CEOs/Founders to learn from other leaders who scaled up their business to bigger turnovers and profits.

Why Scaleup Strategist exist?

Lots of insightful learning content for startup founders is available online and in books. 

Practical content which discuss the issues and solutions for businesses that have passed the startup phase and helps them to scaleup is very less. 

Scaleup Strategist exists to deliver insightful and practical content to the CEOs/Founders of businesses that passed the startup phase and help them to scale up their business.

Who runs Scaleup Strategist?

Hi, I am Sukesh Das. Welcome to Scaleup Strategist. 

I am helping companies to survive the second “Valley of Death” and scaleup. 

I do this mainly through consulting, training, interviewing successful entrepreneurs and publishing practical insights to scale up.

I write for CEOs about scaling up on my blogmedia, the scaleup newsletter and speak at CEO events.

Always happy to discuss the challenges in scaling up with CEOs.  Contact me

Get in touch if you would like to share a practical insight to help CEOs to scaleup through this website.