Career pages are full of free snacks and drinks

We can see a lot of similarities in the career pages of different companies. Example list below:

  • Free snacks and drinks
  • Unlimited coffee
  • Free breakfast/lunch
  • Fresh fruits
  • Parties
  • Ping Pong table
  • Free medical insurance

Guess there are more we can add to this list. It’s good to communicate the above things companies offer. Many companies focus too much on adding more of the things in the above list and making the career page attractive. That doesn’t help in communicating the value of your company to the candidates.

What if the career pages communicate the below things and connect with the candidates?

  1. How safe is it to work in a company? Safe doesn’t mean that the candidate is safe from getting attacked physically. It means the safe feeling the candidate gets through support from colleagues, appreciation, freedom to make mistakes, etc.
  2. What values does the company hold? Does the company live the values? What’s the proof?
  3. What’s the personal growth opportunity? It’s not enough that you mention “high personal development opportunity” in the job description. The candidate will trust you when you show the proof. Tell an employee growth story.
  4. What’s the impact of the candidate’s work on the company’s/client’s success?

Do you think that the candidates will find the above things more valuable than the free stuff?

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