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Build Your High-Performing Top Management Team (TMT)

Reduce your time investment in running day-to-day operations in 30 days

What clients say

This masterclass is valuable for CEOs/Founders of growing companies who struggle to structure their companies for high performance. I got a lot of practical insights and tools for structuring a growing organization and building high-performing teams to support fast growth.

Who should take this masterclass?

You are the CEO of a company with at least 25 employees and is facing the challenges below:

  1. Your top management team members are not performing well
  2. Every meeting with your top management team ends up with many actions for yourself
  3. You are still doing most of the work compared to your top management team members
  4. Your employees are not meeting performance expectations
  5. Your communication with employees is getting more difficult

On an emotional level, you find it very tiring to run the company.

You have to get involved in every issue in the company and is not getting enough time to spend with your family. 

You are not able to figure out a solution. You are stuck.

You WANT to take action now and scaleup your business.

Organizing your top management teams help you to:

 01. Reduce your time investment in running day-to-day operations 

 02. Build high-performing top management teams who get things done

 03. Scaleup your business rapidly

This masterclass will help you to:

 01. Assign clear accountabilities, authority, and performance measurements for your top management team members

 02. Clearly define and run processes that drive revenue and profitability for your company

 03. Set up an organizational structure to support your fast growth

Explore if this is the right masterclass for you

Topics we will cover

We’ll go in-depth on the following topics. Massively personalized and workshop style masterclass to help you.

01: Organizational design for growth

  How to design your organization to support fast growth?

  Duration: 3 hours

02. Assigning accountabilities and performance targets 

 Hands-on session in which we assign clear accountabilities and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your top management team members

 Duration:  6 hours

03. Defining processes that drive revenue and profitability 

 Hand-on session in which we define processes, assign a person accountable to run each process smoothly, and define KPI’s to track the effectiveness of the processes

 Duration: 6 hours

After the Masterclass

We’ll do a 3 hours coaching session within one month after the masterclass to discuss your questions/challenges while you implement the learnings from the masterclass.

Explore if this is the right masterclass for you

Participants of this course are handpicked. We give immense value to the return of investment of the course participants.

Book a discovery call now with the course instructor as the first step to apply for this masterclass.

In the discovery call, we will go through your challenges and explore if this is the right masterclass for you.

Meet your instructor

Sukesh Das

Sukesh has been helping CEOs/Founders of fast-growth companies globally to scale up to bigger turnovers and profits.

He writes for CEOs about scaling up on his blogmedia, the scaleup newsletter, speak at events, and started Scaleup Strategist Show for CEOs.

For several years, he has been helping companies worldwide to scaleup by solving the internal organizational complexity that comes with fast growth.

He has worked in top management and C-level roles in international companies in his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the top management team members of my company do the course together with me?

We strongly recommend doing the course with your top management team members. It will help you to implement the learnings fast in your company together with your team.

Is there a price difference if I include my top management team members?

Yes, there will be a price difference and it depends on the total number of team members.

Why should I believe that this course will help me?

The tools, frameworks, and principles you learn in this course are used by thousands of successful companies to build high-performing management teams.

Will I get help in implementing the learnings from this masterclass?

The course is designed in such a way that it progresses through implementation. In addition, you will get a 3 hour coaching session with your instructor within one month after the masterclass for discussing any challenges in implementation.

Explore if this is the right masterclass for you

If you are unsatisfied after the masterclass

Price: $149.00 USD


15 hours of Live classes
3 hours coaching session
Access to alumni network of CEOs