How To Attract Right Candidates To Your Vacancy (every time)?

Change THAT part in the job description to attract and hire the right employees. Maybe you are wondering now about the “THAT” part? Firstly, let us take a quick look at common characteristics of job descriptions that attract the wrong applicants.

  1. This is the most important point – The specific & measurable goal/outcome the candidate needs to achieve in 1-2 years is not mentioned in some job descriptions.
  2. Looks like a laundry list of tasks and responsibilities. The main focus is on what the potential hire will be doing. eg: coaching sales representatives, building client relationships, etc.
  3. Too many generic terms

eg: – Predict market trends, understand competitive moves, strategize accordingly, out of the box thinking, etc. Generic terms are needed sometimes. Too much of them doesn’t help.

These kinds of job descriptions end up attracting the wrong candidates.

Imagine this – You are looking for a salesperson who has experience in achieving targets on an average of two hundred thousand dollars per month. Imagine a salesperson with 3 years of experience looking for a new job. He has experience in achieving a target of fifty thousand dollars per month on average. He sees your job description which doesn’t mention any experience in the target he needs to achieve. He just sees the responsibility – “Achieve sales targets”. Most probably, he will apply to your job. You screen his CV and talk to him. Finally, you understand that he is not the person you are looking for.

What if you have included this sentence in the job description – “The candidate must have experience in achieving sales targets on an average of two hundred thousand dollars per month”. There is a big chance that he may not apply for your position. I am not saying that he will not apply for sure because it’s human to test luck.

What’s the “THAT” part?

Maybe you got an idea about the “THAT” part already?  It’s the part with specific and measurable goals/outcomes the potential hire needs to accomplish over the coming one to three years.

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Writing “THAT” part. Ask this simple question for any position

What are the specific and measurable outcomes that a potential hire needs to accomplish over the coming one to three years?

Topgrading, a methodology for hiring A Players proposes to create a Job Score Card ( versus the standard job description ). A Job Score Card details a person’s purpose for the job, the desired outcomes of the individual’s work, and the competencies – technical and cultural required to execute it. Topgrading is proven to be the world’s best hiring method – it has more than tripled hiring success in dozens of leading companies and hundreds of small/growth companies.

See a Sample Job Scorecard below:

Accountabilities Metric Rating


Grow Revenue  1 million within 6 months

2 million within 12 months

Get New Customers  Close sales with at least 3 new customers in 6 months
Activities  30 cold calls per day

2 appointments booked per week

At least 10 proposals send per week


Key Competencies

Rating Scale

5=Excellent, 4= Very Good, 3=Good,  2=Only Fair, 1=Poor

Competencies Minimum Required Rating Rating Comments
Selling Skills 5
Cold Calling Skills 4
Email Prospecting 4
Objection Handling 5
Intellectual 4
Intelligence 4
Analysis Skills 5
Judgment/Decision Making 4


Maybe you don’t want to put the entire job scorecard instead of the job description to spread the position online. The choice is yours. Make sure that you make a job scorecard before starting the hunt for a new employee. When you get the job scorecard right, you will be able to write the outcome part in the normal job description in a crystal clear way. Use the job scorecard for doing the interviews.

Benefits of Job Score Card

  1. Helps you to hire the right person more than 90% of the time
  2. Helps to move from “Feel Good” hiring to Facts based hiring

eg: Imagine that you are interviewing a sales candidate who needs to achieve a target of 2 million dollars in one year. Check if there is anything in the person’s history of results supporting this conclusion.

  1. Helps the interview board members to evaluate the candidates specifically
  2. Avoid mis-hires most of the time

Hope this article helps. Looking forward to hearing what other challenges you face in attracting and hiring the right employees.

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