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This HABIT increases the productivity of your employees dramatically

One of the key issues CEOs face is employees not meeting their goals. This is a common issue in all company management levels including top-level management.

Why does this happen?

Let’s look at a common situation I’ve seen in top-level management teams.

CEO and each management team member agree on a set of goals and a plan to achieve them at the beginning of a quarter. Everyone starts executing their plans to achieve their goals.

CEO and the management team members don’t meet regularly to evaluate the progress towards goals in a structured way.

At the end of the quarter, team members don’t achieve their goals. Team members start blaming other members, come up with excuses and arguments. This is not a good situation for the company, team members, and the CEO.

Is there a quick solution? Yes.

CEO should start doing a daily meeting with the management team for a maximum of 15-30 minutes to discuss :

  1. What got done yesterday?
  2. What are the constraints/blocks they have in the way while moving towards their goals? Discuss together as a team to remove those blocks and help each other.

Start doing this first with your management team and gradually implement this habit in other teams.

Remember that the main goal of this meeting is to identify the constraints/blocks and help each other to remove them. So, feel free to change the questions you discuss in the daily meeting depending on what you think are the best questions for you.

This habit increases the productivity of your employees dramatically.

This is only a quick solution.

CEOs should design and implement a system for employees to set goals and help them to achieve those goals. I write more about those systems in my Scaleup Newsletter for CEOs.  Enter your email below and join the CEO community.



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