Trusting a job hopper

A lot of candidates posts on social media about interviewers being cruel. Candidates complain about interviewers becoming cruel by asking a lot of questions about why candidates changed jobs frequently in the past years. They are not trusting the candidate. The candidate thinks that the interviewer shouldn’t ask too much questions and focus on candidate’s talent instead. The candidate says that they may have changed jobs because of a bad boss or for a reason for which the candidate is not to blame.

Two sides: 


It’s an interviewer’s job to find out why a candidate changed jobs frequently. More than that, they are responsible for hiring people companies can trust. Great interviewers who care about hiring people they can trust, will keep on asking questions till they get a clear picture about why the candidate changed jobs frequently.


The only way for candidates who changed their jobs frequently is to be open and honest in answering the questions. If you changed jobs for a reason for which you are not to blame, great interviewers may identify that. They may not identify also and consider you as a job hopper even if you are not. Because, interviewers are human beings and they are judging. Judgment can go wrong.

A fact:

Many interviewers reject resumes even without an initial interview when they see that the candidate has changed the jobs frequently. They may be missing a great candidate.

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